Raw Food

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” Raw food is not only delicious and easy to digest also detox and improves the immune sistem, suporting a healing process when a illness occures ”

Raw Food preperation workshop available

3 Responses to Raw Food

  1. Michele-Francoise says:

    Namaste Loyenda
    Your “Raw Delight” raw food cooking workshop was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had. You teach with such passion and generosity to share with others, the health and energy giving properties of organic natural raw vegan food. I feel very blessed to have met you and to learn from you. On side note, the dishes we made were soooo yummy and delicious. My favourites were the raw sushi rolls, miso and avocado soup and the Loyenda special “coconut power” smoothie.

    With smiles, Michele-Francoise (Sydney Australia).
    Attended workshops in Chiang Mai February 2012

  2. Stef says:

    Thank you Loyenda for this lovely 2 day Raw Food Preperation Workshop. It was amazing, how simple it is to prepare and how different the tastes were. From sushi, energy balls guacamole and zucchini spaghetti to dryed fruits, fruit pie and coconut cracker – it was so delicious!! Highly recommended!

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